Red Light Therapy Bed

Red Light Therapy Bed

Applications: Home / Spa / Salon

Light Pcs: 88 PCS LED Strips (11616leds / 28512 LEDs) / 18000 LEDS/ 41600LEDs 

Light Length: 1.83m 

Total Power: 2851W 

Session Time: 15-20mins 

Colors Available: White / Black / Blue 

Cooling Device: 110-220V 

Structure Composition: 4 Plasma cooling fans 

Control System: Horizontal Capsule . Biotech tunnel,Extruded aluminum&steel mainframe canopy+bench +hydraulic rod +Base Apron 

Net Weight:110 kg 

Size /Packing size: 1920*850*850mm / 2000*1000*1100mm 

Package CBM : 2.2 m³ 

Features of PBM therapy control System :

  • Each wavelength of light can be controlled separately, and it can also work in combination freely, which is convenient for customers to choose the best treatment plan
  • Large-range adjustable pulse 1-15000HZ to meet various treatment plans
  • Intelligent adjustment of pulse duty cycle
  • Intelligent HD LCD touch system
  • Optional WIFI intelligent PAD remote control system
  • Commercial top supporting system
Applications of Red Light Therapy
633NM Red Light

Cautions of Using Red Light Therapy

  •  It should not be used to treat congenital hypoplasia of the skin, such as warts, spots, moles
  • Apply the special collagen essence milk and hyaluronidase all over the body before use 
  • Must protect eyes with wearing eye mask when use
  •  Observe whether there is red light allergic reaction after the first use, if not, continue to follow the course of treatment 
  • Remove jewelry, glasses during use .
  • Patients with red light allergy, recent use of photosensitizer, patients with active bleeding or shock, internal ledger injury is prohibited to use

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