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Ice Bath Tub for Cold water Therapy

Ice Bath Tub for Cold Water Therapy

Standard Features:

  • Sturdy inflatable design suitable for portable or permanent installation.
  • No tools required and easy to set up in just 15 minutes
  • The tub fits seamlessly into the backpack, and the cooler is on wheels for easy transport.
  • Designed with the same military-grade technology as inflatable paddle boards.
Smart hyperbaric chamber for oxygen therapy

HBOT for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Standard Features:

  • Compatible for all sizes of chambers
  • system module: Smart O2 control system machine
  • 10LPM oxygen concentrator
  • Pressure Cabin
  • Voice Assistant(Sensor)
Cryo chamber for cryotherapy

Cryo Chamber for Croytherapy

Standard Features:

  • LED lights that light up the interior of the cabin.
  • Automated lift that can take up to 200 kg.
  • Recirculating fans that can save nitrogen usage.
  • Magnetic doors for ease of opening and closing
Hydrogen Machine

Hydrogen Machine for Daily Health Care

Standard Features:

  • Dual exhaust design for dual-person simultaneous suction.
  • Multi-functional: 99.99% of hydrogen at 600ML/minute for inhalation and high-concentration hydrogen water generation
  • Zero additives: No need for any electrolytes or additives.
  • Simple operation: Touch panel design with LED parameter display for easy and convenient control.
  • Imported core materials: Imported SPE proton membrane with double-sided platinum coating, ensuring safety, efficiency, and long lifespan.