Chiller Machine

Chiller Machine for Cooling down the water for Ice Bath

Size: L 43 * W 33 * H 48cm / L 47* W35* H 53cm

Net Weight :30/35Kg 

Power Supply: 100-240V, 50-60 Hz 

Input Power: 640-725W

Compressor Power: 550-630W 

Cooling Capacity :1520-1790W

Heating Function: Optional

Cooling Function : Yes 

Refrigrant: R410A

Water temp: 3-42 °C

Disinfection: Built-in Ozone Disinfection device 

Circulation Pump : Bult-in Self-priming system 

Water Filters: Installed External

Chiller machine specifications
Chiller with Ice Bath Tub
Chiller connect with ice bath Tub

Precautions for Using Chiller machine

1. Do not block the fan outlet of the room. Otherwise, it will reduce the heating and cooling effectand waste power.
2. lt is forbidden that the eguipment is not clean. Regularly check and clean the equipment andfiltering device
3. lt is forbidden to touch the fan during the operation of the equipment to avoid hurting fingers4. Pay attention to whether the rated voltage of the product is consistent with the power supplyvoltage ofthe home
5. During the operation of the equipment, it is not allowed to touch the switch with hands. let alonethe electricalcomponents

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