Smart Control HBOT

Control system machine

Smart control system machine : 

Size 40*43*55cm
Net Weight: 25kg
Voltage: 110-240V , 50-60 Hz
Power Supply: 550W
Air Flow Rate: 80L /min
Output Pressure: 50Kpa
Display screen parameters:  Temperature, humidity, pressure, oxygen concentration, heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure
Voice Control: Yes
Sensors: Yes
Package Size: 45*43*60cm
The way of cooling:  Air-cooled heat dissipation

connection diagram

system module

SmartO2 control system machine

10Loxygen concentrator 

Chamber Cabin ( any type of cabin)

Voice Assistant(Sensor)


Features of Intelligent Digital Application on HBOT

 Voice Control

Enter the cabin and say hello chamber to wake up the voice control system, and then you can say start pressure, the system will prompt you to use the time to select according to the prompt sound start. When the oxygen concentration in the cabin reaches 28% , the safety alarm system will be issued to give a reminder.When time is out , the system will also remind the status of thedecompressurization

Touch Control

After powering on, the system enters the standby screen. You can slide the time bar or rotate the knob to set the start time. Click START to initiate the system, and a prompt tone will play inside the cabin.

Safety Control

The system automatically checks the status of each connection. If a fault occurs, similar to a flashing fault light on a screen or a car fault, it will be indicated. Internally, the system is equipped with automatic valves to maintain a constant pressure at a fixed value. The system includes overcurrent detection and overtemperature detection. If a fault occurs, the system will automatically stop working to avoid damage to the machine.

Environmental Data

The system’s intelligent voice assistant not only controls the switches but also comes with onboard environmental sensors that can real-time monitor the temperature, humidity, oxygen concentration, and pressure inside the cabin. This allows for closed-loop control of pressure, temperature, oxygen concentration, etc., based on PID algorithms, providing users with an adjustable pressure and temperature environment.

Real-time System Status

The system will upload the current environmental and user data in real-time to the server via WiFi. Commercial users can observe the real-time operational status of their systems, facilitating commercial time-sharing rental management.

User Historical Data

Each user can establish an independent database, facilitating scenarios such as commercial single-machine multi-user setups. Specific historical data from multiple instances over a month for a particular user can be pulled out into curves for analysis of health adjustment effects. This is primarily used in civil physiotherapy institutions, nursing homes, beauty salons, gyms, etc.

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