Electric Cryo Room

Electric Cryo Therapy Chamber

Dimensions of the chamber

Height: 2000mm * Width: 840mm * Depth: 634mm 

Weight: 710 Kg 

Power supply for this equipment


 Sector voltage, 240 V AC, Current: 32 A, Frequency: 50 Hz

Maximum power consumed: 6 Kw, 


Sector voltage: 400 V AC, Current: 10A

Frequency: 50 Hz

Maximum power consumed: 6 Kw

state-of-the-art Electric Cryo Room – a cutting-edge cold therapy solution designed to provide whole-body cryotherapy in a controlled and comfortable environment. Utilizing advanced technology, our Electric Cryo Room delivers consistent and precise cold temperatures to stimulate the body’s natural healing processes, enhance recovery, and promote overall wellness. Experience the transformative benefits of cryotherapy with unparalleled convenience and efficiency in our innovative Electric Cryo Room.


Room’s features receiving the CRYOGZF (water cooled down or air cooled): 

Temperature of the room must be between : 18°C ≥ 23°C
Optimal humidity level : 30% 
Extraction unit on the front if separation front/back units: 30m3 /h

Room’s features for the transport / storage 
Temperature of the room : -20°C – +60°C
Humidity level : maxi 90%

CRYOGZF water-cooled

Teperature entry of the cooler: 8 °C

Flow: 0.6908 l/s 

Sound: 65dB ( Compressor data ) 

Ballon : 60 litres 

Connection Machine : 1 entry et 1 end 15/21 : 1/ 2″

CRYOGZF air-cooled

Rear ventilation of the room:
Mini 3000m3/h
Air conditioning for the room’s cooling: 15kW cold
Sound: 77dB

Air conditioning of the Cryotherapy room

For optimum performance, the room must be air-conditioned to maintain a optimal relative humidity
of 30% and a temperature optimal with the environment of 20°C.
The power required for the air conditioning unit depends on the environment, the size of the room,
the maximum number of people present in the room, it is up to the air conditioning installer to
define the necessary power (generally 3.5kw cold mode).
The following points should be discussed with the distributor:
1. Installation
The distibutor can take care of the handling of all the elements if the installation is done in ground
floor or floor with appropriate elevator, in case there is no elevator, the handling can be done by a
specialized company and would be at your expense.
2. Removal of waste after installation.
The distibutor can take care of the removal of waste (wood, plastic, cardboard, metal and various)
after unpacking is at your expense.

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