Intelligent hydrogen absorbing machine

Input power:AC 110/ 220V/50Hz

Rated power: 150W

Hydrogen purity: 99.99%

Air output: 600ML/min

Water tank capacity: 2L

Shell material: 304 stainless steel + paint process

Applicable raw water type: purified water/distilled water (TDS<5ppm)

Electrolysis method: SPE hydrogen and oxygen separation electrolysis system

Electrode membrane material: DuPont proton membrane imported from the United States + high-purity platinum coating

Host size/net weight: 300x 255×360/ 12KG

Packing size/gross weight: 420mm x 450mm x 550mm / 14 Kg

The benefits of Hydrogen Inhalation


Both the Japanese and America research team has done such an experiment. The research object is 2 identical white rats. The study found that the long-tern drinking hydrogen water of white rat for exceeds the life of ordinary one.


According to experiments of many research terms, long -term breathing of hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water can effectively improve skin elasticity, reduce spots, make skin brighter, whiter and more tender and the diminish dullness.

Improve Immunity

According to research by the institute of medical research of Hiroshima University, Japan, breathing hydrogen, and drinking hydrogen water can effectively promote the synthesis of human fibroblast collagen, remove harmful free radicals, inhibit the death of keratinocytes, and improve human immunity.


Studies have shown that long-term breathing of hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water can increase the body’s antioxidants, thereby neutralizing the malignant active oxygen in the body and helping to repair human cells.

Relieve Fatigue 

Long-term breathing of hydrogen can promote metabolism and relieve fatigue 

Help Sleep 

Long term breathing of hydrogen can help sleep 

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