What is Smart Hyperbaric Chamber ?


Compared with traditional hyperbaric oxygen chambers in the market, our products have many unique advantages,  This intelligent hyperbaric oxygen chamber is not just a device, it is your healthy partner. With the help of advanced intelligent operating system, it can automatically control the process of boosting and depressurizing the chamber, and what’s more exciting, You can easily operate it with voice control, taking your experience to a whole new level.  At the same time, it can also be connected with relevant monitoring equipment to display your blood oxygen concentration and heart rate in real time. This means that you can fully understand your physical condition, making hyperbaric oxygen therapy safer and more effective.




Smartoxy Control Machine

The upgraded oil-free air compressor has the characteristics of high efficiency, high flow, ultra-quiet, etc., provides a clean air source, and a full range of vent design, effectively improving the service life of the machine, Through simple voice control, you can freely adjust the pressure increase and decrease of the cabin, and enjoy the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy easily.




Model XDT750
Size 200*420*480mm
Weight 20Kg
Air flow 98L/min
Noise 60db








Oxygen Concentrator

Medical-grade oxygen generator, molecular sieve oxygen technology, multiple filtration systems, provide high-concentration oxygen

Model KSOC-5L/10L
Size 38*32.5*61cm
Weight 23Kg
Power 750VA Input:220V 50Hz
Noise 60db
Flow Rate 5L/ 10L / min